Since an early age, photography has interested me. At the very basic level, the idea of instantly capturing a moment in time, and being able to keep this moment in the format of a photograph, as a memory of
the time, the place and the subject, has always fascinated me. 

I started to take my photography seriously in 2008. Until then, I was very much a ‘point and clicker,’ where I would take snaps on holidays and other events, using instant film cameras, and then later, compact digital cameras. 
So in 2008, I decided that I wanted to learn more about photography, as well as the post processing workflow. I invested in my first DSLR camera, and enrolled in a photography course.

A year later, I set myself the challenge of working towards the Licentiateship distinction from The Royal Photographic Society. This was a challenging process. I benefited greatly from it, as it made me become more critical of my work, as well as helping me understand more about printing, presentation and how a number of images can work (or not work) together as a cohesive panel. My preparation lasted a few months, and I was awarded the Licentiateship distinction by The Royal Photographic Society in January 2010. My successful panel can be viewed on my website.
Since then, I have had some of my work published, most notably by Digital Camera magazine and The Boston Review, as well as some internet publications. I have
also produced product shots for a hair product manufacturer, and an image I took of Prince William was recently used in an iPhone/iPad app.
I am also a photography student with the Open College of the Arts.
My work covers a number of genres, including landscape, social documentary, abstract, and many others.I've recently incorporated more emotional themes into my work, such as a photo essay I did recently about Auschwitz.
I am largely self-taught, and therefore always looking at new techniques and projects to work on. Some of the results from these will be available for purchase at Art on the Street. 

I'm very much looking forward to participating in Art on The Street in June! This will be the second time I've taken part. It's a fantastic initiative, and a great buzz for the participating artists, who get to show their work to the public and get instant feedback. 

I like connecting with anyone who has an interest in photography and would encourage people to subscribe to my Facebook page, where they can follow some of my ongoing projects, as well as catch up on photography news, tutorials and competitions.

To contact Fabio:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bianconerophoto 

Lee Carnaby was born in Manchester in 1971, but was brought up in rural Mid Wales so his art is heavily influenced by the natural surroundings and landscapes from that area. He uses several different mediums including watercolour & gouache, pastel and more recently acrylics. 

Lee is entirely self taught and has no formal art training, and has developed his realistic, yet dream-like style over several years. He has successfully exhibited in Wales and in Reading. 

To contact Lee: 
Email: leecarnaby@hotmail.co.uk

: 07703 167174

Annette Dall'Oglio graduated in creative photography in the 70s at the then London College of Printing, and went on to be a professional photographer for the next ten years, at which point she began painting. 

Throughout the 90s she attended short courses and open access at Putney School of Art, UCA Farnham and St Martin's School of Art, studying life drawing, oil painting, printmaking and contemporary drawing. 

She has painted landscapes in Provence, France for more than twenty years, working with artists such as watercolour specialist John Raynes, and Paul Thomas, co-founder of the Jerwood Drawing Prize. Since moving to being a full time artist she has begun to paint landscapes in the UK as well as Venice where she has been lucky enough to use the studio of Ken Howard RA as a base.  She continues to experiment with techniques, both in oils and water based media, recently branching into acrylics.  She takes her greatest inspiration from the landscape, including urban landscape, and produces most of her watercolour paintings working quickly on site.  

She finds that her earlier training in photography influences her choice of subject matter and strongly affects her choices when considering composition. She has a studio in the Wimbledon Artist Studios, a co-operative consisting of more than 150 artists, where she participates in their open studio exhibitions twice a year. 

To contact Annette:

In 1991 I graduated from Winchester School Of Art with a BA hons in
Printed Textiles and then worked in the Fashion and Textiles industry for
several years, designing Fashion fabrics for most of the high street shops as well as corporate wear, children's wear, and Men's wear.
I took a career break whilst raising my children, As the children went to school I decided to take teaching qualifications and began lecturing at East Berkshire College teaching in the Art and Design department. I began to have more time for my own creative work, I started to paint again, something I had not done for many years and was invited to take part in a small joint exhibition in Cheltenham which really help me focus and aim for
I have been painting for the last two years, I paint every day objects that I have around me, Looking at the patterns, shapes and texture and wanting the colour to create a mood, I tend to use acrylic paints or inks and layer washes of colour into the background to create depth in my paintings, In the forefront of my paintings the
brush strokes are kept fresh and spontaneous, sometimes revealing glimpses of
the background, whilst creating more layer effects. The Paintings reveal my personal relationship with the objects or places I choose to paint.

To contact Naila:

I have enjoyed painting for many years using
various mediums such as watercolour, acrylics and oils. In that time I have explored landscapes and still life, as well as figurative painting.
In the process of painting a picture what interests me is the activity of looking or should I say, seeing.
The discovery of how colour varies throughout a painting to communicate form is a constant fascination. As a result painting has helped me gain a greater appreciation of reality as it is. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

To contact Lloyd:

Paul’s photographic journey started in the mid 1970’s, using a garden shed as a makeshift darkroom. This progressed into using the medium to record scientific research, leading to the award of a PhD from the University of St Andrews in 1987.

After a sabatical to raise his family he re-entered the world of digital photography in the ‘00’s combining the medium with his love of the outdoors and adventure sports to seek out ‘big’ images of dramatic, open, natural spaces along with some of the complex patterns, structures and textures created by man.

Paul’s scientific imagery was published in a number of scientific journals as part of original papers. He has also published images alongside articles produced for niche, adventure sports magazines. Recent work is periodically exhibited in the south of England and attracts an International following.

To contact Paul:
Website: www.pauldanephotography.com

The aim of the artist is to introduce others to have their own individual perspective on each artwork, and to create and express art through the medium of soft pastels using semi abstract expressionism. Maria’s
art is conveyed in a colourful semi abstract style, each artwork is unique and derived from the artists imagination.

Maria has a passion for creating and expressing her perspective of symbolism in a semi abstract form.Influences of the artist include symbols, runes, lunar, vibrant colours and Pyramids.

The artist has attended courses in art at Langley College, International Correspondent Schools, and The Society of All Artists.

Maria has over 15 years of experience in creating art. Initially her art was created
as a hobby, in recent years the artist has been composing art professionally.

In 2012 Maria co created in the design for a music bands album cover “Arkioas” by
Ethernal.This art generally has a symbolic theme. The artist expresses her inner emotions through her artwork. Each artwork is original and unique, created in soft pastel on either cartridge or acrylic paper; it is mounted in either a silver or black wooden quality box frame.
To contact Maria:
Email: mariakenney@esoterunaart.com

I was incredibly lucky to win the Art On the Street prize draw last year, and hold my own exhibition in the Norden Farm Gallery space in August 2012. This was a fantastic experience and encouraged me to paint and experiment even more than before.

My artworks are inspired by the plants and flowers I see around me. I usually work in acrylic paints incorporating many different techniques, and sometimes adding paper and card to create texture on my canvases. I also enjoy drawing and occasionally produce
pencil sketches.

To contact Gemma:

My own unique practice centres on developing a unique understanding of the post-modern condition. With an idiosyncratic eye appropriated imagery is taken through familiar processes, altered, cropped, and framed in a variety of media. Photography, print, painting and collage are all essential mediums in recreating and indeed interpreting the iconography and certain aesthetic traditions, that in a variety of sources, permeate our cultural landscape.

What is depicted in resulting works can be considered as a perception of fictions,
taking something from reality and applying it to my mediated experience of the
same. Individual representation of the distinct imagery focuses on certain
lifestyles, rock and roll values, heroism, and freedom, in a contemporary,
ever-contradicting and post-modern society.

‘The post-modern view de-emphasizes originality and emphasizes the notion that the availability of images in modern culture has made everyone influenced by others. Because one cannot truly create, it is the function of the artist to appropriate.’ -David Kenneth Holt  ‘The Search For Aesthetic Meaning In The Visual

To Contact Oliver:
Telephone: 07876 057979

I am a decorative ceramist working.
I enjoy making fun non functional pieces. Commissions invited
To contact Janette:
Telephone: 07731 04430


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