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At Art on the Street HQ we are in love with the fact that recently artists and photographers are using The Rendezvous as a place to tell a story, share and idea or convey a message. Never has this been more passionately felt than in the latest works by Melanie Gow.

Melanie is using the space to tell the incredible story of her recent Camino de Santiago pilgrimage - an 800km trek across land that is as fierce as it is beautiful. Melanie was accompanied by her two sons (aged 12 and 16) making the story  much more than a tale of physical hardship and geography, but an emotional journey and a beautiful shared bond between a family.

This Thursday evening, from 7pm, Melanie will be talking about her experience of walking the Camino at The Rendezvous Café. Melanie will be accompanied by Susan Brett of Open Kitchen, for whom Art on the Street are currently fundraising via 'A Moment in Maidenhead'. All are welcome, just bring along a non-perishable item of food that we can pass on to Susan and her team. Think of it as an 'entry fee'...

'Walking With Angels' by Melanie Gow will be at The Rendezvous until Friday 1st November.

To contact Melanie:
Website: www.myofficetoday.co.uk

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Maidenhead photographer Simon Earle LRPS is doing things a little bit differently at The Rendezvous this month. He's showing an exclusive series of portraits of a selection of Maidenhead's independent retailers in their stores.

He's highlighting just how many small and exciting businesses there are in the town and giving them a real sense of warmth and community. We particularly love the shot of our friend Samantha from Sew Crafty with her mum Judith. Just beautiful.

Simon's photography is on show until Friday 27th September. Simon offers photography services to personal and business clients both from his studio in Bray Village and on location as required.  

To Contact Simon:
T: 01628 879111

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Art on the Street veteran Fabio Mastrangioli of Bianconero Photography will be showing and selling his work at The Rendezvous Café until Friday 30th August.  

He has been interested in photography from a very early age and has this to say of his growth and career:

"At the very basic level, the idea of instantly capturing a moment in time, and being able to keep this moment in the format of a photograph, as a memory of the time, the place and the subject, has always fascinated me.

I started to take my photography seriously in 2008. Until then, I was very much a ‘point and clicker,’ where I would take snaps on holidays and other events, using instant film cameras, and then later, compact digital cameras.  I decided that I wanted to learn more about photography, and so I invested in my first DSLR camera, and enrolled in a photography course.  

A year later, I set myself the challenge of working towards the Licentiateship
distinction from The Royal Photographic Society, and was awarded the LRPS
distinction in 2010. 

My work covers a number of genres, and I am always exploring new ideas and
techniques. I really enjoy making ordinary subjects look interesting and

I have taken part in Art on the Street at the last two events, which I thoroughly
enjoyed. This is the first time I have exhibited at the Rendezvous and I'm
really looking forward to it. I get a real buzz from people viewing and
appreciating my work.  

I like connecting with anyone who has an interest in photography and would
encourage people to subscribe to my Facebook page, where they can follow some of my ongoing photography projects and see some of my latest work."

To contact Fabio and see more of his work visit him on Facebook or via his website.

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124 Studios opened their doors yesterday for their private view evening. It was incredibly well attended, seeing well over 100 art loving visitors pass through the doors (and spilling out onto the street outside!) to meet with the artists, have a glass of wine and enjoy the stunning and diverse artwork on show.

The shop itself was a whirlwind to set-up, taking just six hours from the signing of the lease and utilising the daytime skills of the artists - signwriting, visual merchandising, retail and even van driving to pull together a professional and visually polished space, ready to open the following morning.

It was an incredibly exciting evening for Art on the Street, as co-founder Harriet Brittaine is one of the team of seven artists who brought this project together. The other artists involved, Josie Clouting, Emma Moxon, Sherry Dhanoa, Michael Restrick, Lu Willis and Emma Ryan are all Art on the Street veterans, supporters, volunteers and, most importantly, our great friends. This project is a showcase for 124 Studios, showing just what they can pull together under tight budgets and time constraints. Their ultimate quest is for a permanent home for the group - long-term affordable studio space. You can see their long-term studio space proposal here.

The gallery was officially opened with the cutting of an origami ribbon by The
Mayor of Windsor & Maidenhead, Andrew Jenner. Many of the private view visitors left with a beautiful new piece of artwork to adorn their walls and in-keeping with the theme of paper, all received a hand-made '124 Studios' origami crane as a thank you for coming along to the evening at such short notice.

124 Studios Pop Up Gallery is located at The Colonnade, Maidenhead High Street (near The Bear pub) and will be open from 10am to 4pm every Thursday to Saturday until Saturday 27th July.

A full review  from Art on the Street can be found on the Empty Shops Network.

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Maidenhead-based abstract painter John Percy will be exhibiting for the first time in 15 year at The Rendezvous Café in Maidenhead Town Hall throughout July.

 Small Abstracts, running from 1st July to 2nd August, will feature 24 works painted between 1986 and 1993, and represents the first chance to see Percy’s work for 15 years. The artist previously exhibited widely in London and the south east and made regular sales to both corporate and private collectors.

The paintings on display in Small Abstracts exhibit the purely abstract style that Percy developed during the featured period. Painting in watercolour and gouache, oil, acrylic and ink, Percy aims to explore in his work the "disorderly-order" that he feels characterises the modern world.

As always, a portion of any sales will be donated to Age Concern Slough and Berkshire East, directly benefiting the community.

To find out more about John, visit his website - www.johnpercy.co.uk  

<![CDATA[Ones to Watch!]]>Sat, 22 Jun 2013 11:06:44 GMThttp://www.maidenheadartmarket.org/1/post/2013/06/ones-to-watch.htmlOn Thursday evening we visited the A Level Art Private View of our sponsors
Claires Court Schools. It's always a pleasure to join them for any event, as you'd be hard-pushed to meet more welcoming, friendly and hospitable people, but the A Level PV is always a highlight for us.

The art and photography team at Claires Court truly allow their students to experiment, take risks and thoroughly immerse themselves in their studies. It is of continual amazement to us that the students challenge themselves by tackling very mature subject matter and approaches to them with a committed and hard-working approach beyond their years.

The photography on show was a joy. These students have a real eye for the commercial, poring over magazines for inspiration in fashion and styling. A career in advertising photography is definitely on the cards for some of these talented students.

Once again, a triumph of a year - congratulations to all the students and the teaching team!
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The work of Grzegorz Motyl available to browse or buy from The Rendezvous until Friday 28th June.

Grzegorz is a self taught artist with a good eye for colour. He paints to express his emotions, the medium of oil playing a large part in realising
his visions. He works on multiple surfaces (including wood) and in 3d, but the work on show this month is his more traditional work on canvas.

As always, a portion of Grzegorz' sales from The Rendezvous will go directly to Age Concern Slough and Berkshire East. You can also find Grzegorz on Facebook.

<![CDATA[Banksy Hijacker Joins Art on the Street!]]>Wed, 05 Jun 2013 08:48:45 GMThttp://www.maidenheadartmarket.org/1/post/2013/06/banksy-hijacker-joins-art-on-the-street.htmlPicturePHILTH at 'Shoreditch to Saatchi' in April
When the wonderful people at Liquitex approached us with an offer of support, we couldn't believe our ears. We were overwhelmed that they had even heard of us and genuinely expected a few goodies for our participating artists and perhaps a teeny possibility of a mention on their Facebook page and Twitter. We could never have dreamt in a million years that they would be sending along acclaimed street artist PHILTH to paint a huge mural, live on-site during our June event.

PictureBrian taking a break from sanding
We needed to find a space for the mural and Bovilles Art Shops came to the rescue, donating the back wall of their premises. It was in bad shape, so we have the wonderful Brian Aldridge preparing it for PHILTH's arrival. The photo is only of a third of the wall - it's pretty big and can be seen from the main road into and out of town.

PHILTH sent over some ideas for the mural this week and we are literally beside ourselves with excitement! They're beautiful, don't you think? On top of this wonderful gift, Liquitex and their sister companies, Conté, Winsor & Newton and Snazaroo have given wonderful goodies for our artists' check-in packs and are sending a professional face painter to the event. We couldn't be more grateful to them for their generous support and particularly to Sarah Clarke for co-ordinating it all.

UPDATE: The finished piece in all it's awesome glory!
With kind thanks to Samantha Claridge of Velvet Grey Photography
<![CDATA[ Award winning? Us? BLIMEY! ]]>Mon, 13 May 2013 08:57:25 GMThttp://www.maidenheadartmarket.org/1/post/2013/05/award-winning-us-blimey.htmlPictureTerrible pic of our lovely award!
Well yes, it seems we are!

If you are following us on Twitter or Facebook, you may already know that on Saturday evening we were awarded the Sales Promotion of the Year Award from the Fine Art Trade Guild. We're cheekily referring to it as the 'Maximum Visitors & Sales on Bugger-All Budget Award', a fact that excites us incredibly because it basically means that:

a) we're doing something right!
b) What we do really represents value for money for our participating artists.

Which is what we're all about. And it's incredible to have an organisation as prestigious and established in the industry as the Fine Art Trade Guild to give us, a social enterprise only four years old, such wonderful recognition.

Our award was sponsored by the fabulous Art Business Today Magazine. To say we're chuffed is understatement of the year!

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Void by Jatin Aythora
Until Friday 31st May, beautiful, huge pieces of original artwork of Jatin Aythora will be on show and available to buy at The Rendezvous.

Jatin has had a passion for painting since childhood and having created numerous landscapes, stills and figurative works he has recently discovered a natural inclination towards abstracts and feels that he is progressing towards calling himself 'an artist'. he dreams and hopes to touch people through his work and to be part of their lives.

To contact Jatin:
Website: www.aythora.com
Twitter: @aythora